A fine layer of Quartz Crystal and Metal Oxides are coated on a sheet of glass to create this metallic glitter. The end is result breathtaking when light is reflected off of these brilliant colors.

Dichroic Glass Blowing


The simplicity of this color design is appealing to many. The delicate folds and shades of color can be accented with rows of bubbles for added effect.

Transparent Glass


The ancient technique of pulling cane – stretching rods of glass in a variety of colors  and designs – is used to create these crisp lines, exquisite designs, and vivid colors combinations. Each length of cane is handmade by the artist, cooled, and then infused into each custom piece of art glass.

Glass Blowing


Threads of colored glass are applied to the piece to create an intricate design of fine lines. Each thread must be applied with the utmost care and precision to create the most flawless details found in glass.

Glass Blow Art


At first glance, once might believe that this color design is hand painted. In reality, chips of glass are the palette, and molten glass is the canvas. A variety of colors and color combinations can be used to create the “brush strokes” and more depth in the design.



A controlled explosion of bubbles creates an icy feel to this unique color design. Light makes these pieces glow with a frosty shimmer.

Glass Blowing Artist
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